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The Rise Of The Dual-Role CIO Redefines Digital Commitment

22-Mar-2018 | Cristiano Barbieri | Innovation Leadership

For this Brazilian insurance company, designating a single leader for both IT and customer relationships created an opportunity to experiment and find the right mix of technology, processes, and measurement for offering an engaging customer experience.

IT, CIO, innovation, digital transformation, mobile application, customer satisfaction, customer experience

Inspired Innovation: Three Real-World Examples For CIOs

14-Feb-2018 | Orlando Cintra | Innovation Leadership

The heart of digital transformation is creating elegant experiences that keep your customers speaking positively about your products and services and coming back for more.

Insights CIOs “Should” Have In 2018 – Part 2

6-Feb-2018 | Paul Lewis | Innovation Leadership

From focusing on talent development to fostering partner relationships, here are a few more initiatives CIOs should undertake this year.

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