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GDPR: Don’t Forget The Human Touch

21-May-2018 | Neil Patrick | Information Governance

We’ve all seen the considerable media coverage and the countless conferences dedicated to GDPR technical measures and requirements. Much less, however, has been written about the humans in the middle of it all.

Hybrid Data Modeling: Capture A “Picture” Of Data That Speaks To Business Users

29-Mar-2018 | Peter Smyth | Information Governance

Here's how a hybrid data modeling approach can result in a picture of the forest – as well as the trees – that can provide tangible input to a road map of enterprise data management initiatives.


How Accountable Is Your Business for GDPR? Part 2

3-Jan-2018 | Neil Patrick | Information Governance

The General Data Protection Regulation not only requires you to "get clean," but also "stay clean" and "show clean." Here's how to establish accountability.

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