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72% of global CEOs believe the next 3 years will be more critical for their industry than the last 50 years

21 Facts On The Value Imperative To Embrace The Digital Economy

8-Jun-2017 | Peter Johnson | in-memory computing

New disruptive technologies and trends emerging are fundamentally changing how businesses and the global economy operate. Here are 21 examples.

Tesoro And CenterPoint Energy Ignite New Value With A Digital Core [VIDEO]

5-Jun-2017 | Shelly Dutton | in-memory computing

Energy companies share how they create business value by pulling data together into one place to make expedient decisions.

The Seductive Illusion Of Choice

16-May-2017 | Vivek Bapat | in-memory computing

Too many choices lead to "decision paralysis." Purposefully reducing the options you present shoppers may increase sales.

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