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Technology In The Public Sector: Possibilities And Challenges

16-May-2018 | Regina Kunkle | Improving Lives Premium

Here are some examples of how governments can tap the power of emerging technology to better engage with citizens and boost operational efficiency. But challenges remain.

Smart Cities Are About Helping People, Civic Leaders Agree

9-May-2018 | Andy Canham | Improving Lives Premium

Smart cities might have once been about simply making things more efficient or introducing cool gadgets, but there’s now a new purpose: Using technology to tackle the biggest social and economic challenges faced by cities around the world.

purpose, technology, customer engagement, sustainability

Four Ways To Fulfill Your Purpose Through Technology

23-Mar-2018 | Leanne Taylor | Improving Lives Premium

We can offer significant impact if we strive to improve the world through purpose-driven practice. Here are four ways technology can help.

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