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Big Data Privacy Risks And The Role Of The GDPR: Part 1

19-Apr-2017 | Evelyne Salie | general data protection regulation

The role and importance of information management and governance in data privacy will be a key success factor for all organizations with EU customers.

GDPR: More Than Data Management, It’s About Governance

12-Apr-2017 | Neil Patrick | general data protection regulation

The greatest challenge posed by GDPR is not data management, but the organisational and procedural changes companies will need to implement to show compliance.

Cybersecurity In 2017: Don’t Be Afraid, Be Aware!

29-Mar-2017 | Chris Johnston | general data protection regulation

All companies, from SMBs to large enterprises, must consider cybersecurity as a major business risk. Here's one example, and how it could have been avoided.

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