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The SMB Secret To Intensifying Your Competitive Advantage

10-Oct-2017 | Eamon Ida | GAPM

While most business owners (small and midsize or not) are not data scientists, they are indeed beginning to understand the power of their data.

Why Machine Learning And Other Emerging Technologies Aren’t Out Of Reach For SMBs

3-Oct-2017 | Chandran Saravana | GAPM

Many SMBs are questioning whether they should take advantage of today's emerging technologies or wait for the next wave of dramatic advances.

SMB, small business, midsize business, analytics, data insights, football, soccer

Rethink The Spreadsheet To Advance Data-Driven Decision-Making

26-Sep-2017 | Eamon Ida | GAPM

Pro sports club shows how smaller organizations are using data insights based on an analytic strategy to run more efficiently, productively, and profitably.

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