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How AI-Led Marketing Decisions Can Transform Your Business

30-Apr-2018 | Swati Singh | Game Theory

To build a complete customer journey, marketers must consider all the interactions a customer has with your brand over a period, including how they interact and how often they interact. Here's how AI can enable this.

Game Theory: The Nobel Prize-Winning Idea That’s Changing Marketing (And What To Do With It)

18-Aug-2017 | Dan Stevens | Game Theory

Game theory is the best way to determine which marketing campaigns generate results with buyers.

NVIDIA: How Game Theory Is Redefining The Intelligent Enterprise [VIDEO]

30-May-2017 | Shelly Dutton | Game Theory

NVIDIA is taking its success in redefining modern computer graphics and revolutionizing parallel computing to power-up enterprise analysis and decision making.

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How Game Theory Is Taking Marketing To The Next Level
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