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nuclear energy

Energizing Investments And The Future Of Uranium

Nuclear energy suffers from an undeserved stigma of dirt, death, and destruction. But the reality is nuclear power is a clean, reliable, affordable, baseload energy source. And contrary to pop culture assumptions, there aren’t any neon-colored uranium miners glowing,...
windmill farm

Dwindling Resources And The Race For More: Can We Keep Up? [INFOGRAPHIC]

As global citizens, we must all face the fact there’s an unprecedented crisis when it comes to resource depletion. And it’s not just some resources that are affected, it’s everything – including oil and coal, clean water, and life-supporting...
resource and optimization at a rice field

Top 46 Resource And Optimization Influencers (Plus A Few Others)

FACT: According to the UN's Food and Agriculture Organisation, around a third of all the food produced in the world ends up being wasted somewhere along the production and consumption line. FACT: Around the world, there are 884 million...
future of resource optimization

The Future of Resources: How Mass Customization Will Reduce Economic Waste

In our first segment of the Future of Resources interview series, James Marland explained that as supply chains become more complex, companies must turn to a collaborative approach and leverage their network. Keertan Rai explained that the constant shift...
future of resource optimization

The Future Of Resource Optimization Is Predictive

As our interview series on the Future of Resource Optimization continues, we learned from James Marland the sharing economy is beginning to transform the way we optimize. We also learned that business must adapt to the new ways of...
Enterprises Using Supply Chain Processes Of The Past Will Struggle In The Future

Enterprises Using Supply Chain Processes Of The Past Will Struggle In The Future

With changing customer expectations and extraordinary demands on our physical resources in today’s global economy, supply chains are becoming more complex. Businesses are being forced to rethink resource optimization and reinvent the supply chain. In our last interview in...
The Future Of Resources Depends On Your Network

The Future Of Resources Depends On Your Network

Our world continues to grow as populations all over the world expand, placing an unprecedented demand on our resources. While individuals begin to join in the sharing economy in attempts to optimize, many businesses are following a similar suit....