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I Think Big, Therefore I Am

I Think Big, Therefore I Am

What's your vision for your business? If we can learn anything from Manhattan’s grid plan, the lesson seems simple: think big and growth will follow.
Customer Engagement: What Not To Do

Customer Engagement: What Not To Do

Why only 10.5% of B2B buyers respond to phone calls from new vendors and what to do about it.
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Banking On Demand: The Customer-Focused Bank

By offering products in the cloud with open sourced processes that deliver well-packaged customer experiences, banks can be well-positioned for the future.
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The Holy Grail Of Customer Engagement

The more these functions are connected, the better you can engage customers and deliver the experience that drives sales and strengthens relationships.
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Fast-Forward The Future Of Customer Experience With A Customer-Adaptive Approach

Keeping customers over the long term is what drives profitable growth. However, a number of companies are missing key opportunities to understand and anticipate what their customers want – now and in the future. “The Future of Business with...