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Bitcoin’s Greatest Gift Is Blockchain: How Digital Ledgers Are Changing The World

24-Apr-2018 | Daniel Smyth | Fraud Detection

Bitcoin's most valuable contribution to the world is not as a cryptocurrency, rather in showing how effective blockchains can be for many industries.

Four Ways To Improve Cash Application With Machine Learning

18-Apr-2018 | Gina McNamara | Fraud Detection

Machine-learning programs can give your team access to insights by analyzing patterns and running predictive simulations so your team can work with confidence in their AI-driven insights. Here are four key ways you can use machine learning to improve your cash application process.

How The Public Sector Can Fight Fraud With Fast Data

17-Apr-2018 | Phil King | Fraud Detection

Governments have the data they need to do develop effective fraud management systems. What they’re missing are the tools to turn info into insight.

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