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Three Ways Accounting Can Use Process Analytics For Financial Close Improvement

16-May-2018 | Elizabeth Milne | FP&A

Agile methodology isn't just for IT; it's also a smart way to bring continuous accounting processes to the finance department.

Why Communication Standards Matter In FP&A

15-May-2018 | Brian Kalish | FP&A

Standardizing the way we present information would enhance our ability to make better, smarter decisions faster and enable us to spend less time trying to decipher information, and more time determining the proper course of action based on the information we have.

Innovations In FP&A: How To Adopt Continuous Planning For Better Agility

2-May-2018 | Elizabeth Milne | FP&A

If you’re not performing rolling forecasting today or looking to expand to continuous planning, now is the time to get started―and you’ll see increased pressure to do so soon.

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