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Insight-Driven Businesses Require Next-Generation Data Warehousing

24-Apr-2018 | Thierry Audas | Forrester Research

Decision making is no longer enough. Today’s organizations must adapt or die—and survival requires a new kind of business. Best-in-class organizations are maturing from a data-driven approach to decision-making to an insights-driven one.

hybrid cloud, IT, hybrid analytics, business growth, digitalization

Drive Business Growth With A Hybrid Analytics Strategy

18-Apr-2018 | Steve McHugh | Forrester Research

A hybrid strategy for your analytics/BI solution has been shown to improve performance and increase revenue. But in order to see those advantages, you need to make sure you’re implementing it correctly.

enterprise content management

Forrester Report: Content Management Solutions Deliver 68% ROI Over 3 Years

30-Oct-2017 | Bil Khan | Forrester Research

Enterprise content management's benefits don't stop at improving access to data; it also delivers bottom-line benefits.

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