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2018 Is The Year To Deploy B2B E-Commerce Before It's Too Late

16-Feb-2018 | Brian Beck | #FoCEC

Only 50% of manufacturers have an e-commerce site, and the firms that do are reaping massive benefits. Here’s how to be one of them: Leadership.

customer experience, retail, omnichannel

What’s Love Got To Do With It? Why Consumers Love Or Leave Brands

14-Feb-2018 | Erica Vialardi | #FoCEC

A stunning US$62 billion in retail revenue is lost due to poor customer service, but 80% of brands think they're doing a great job.

Direct-To-Consumer Selling Will Save Brands

5-Feb-2018 | Angelica Valentine | #FoCEC

Brand loyalty is not what it used to be, but direct-to-consumer selling can bring it back.

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