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Think Bigger: Two Strategic Wins For Implementing Continuous Accounting

21-Feb-2018 | Elizabeth Milne | financial reporting

Plan your continuous accounting journey in steps and discrete chunks of increasing value. Here are some examples that show how to implement a "big win."

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Disclosure Effectiveness Weakened By Complicated Ownership

19-Feb-2018 | Olivia Berkman | financial reporting

Complex, overly verbose financial disclosures may appease legal and finance teams, but they are often ineffective tools for investors. Instead, disclosures should be continuously updated, unique to the business, concise, and written in plain English.

Complex Tasks Require More Than A Spreadsheet

12-Feb-2018 | Bill Meyers | financial reporting

Excel offers flexibility, ubiquity, and economy, but it is a lot trickier for complex or sophisticated data analytics. Other tools can address the gaps.

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