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Transformation Ahead, Part 3: 10 Trends Shaping The Future Of Finance

14-Dec-2017 | Randy Garrison | finance technology

CFOs must be prepared to address 10 key trends that are significantly changing the future of finance. Here are three.

Creating A State-Of-The-Art Office Of Finance From Scratch

13-Dec-2017 | Kirit Patel | finance technology

Here's how one investment firm turned to a cloud solution to simplify management of essential finance processes without reliance on IT support.

finance, digitalization, analytics, efficiency, leadership, high performing finance

Top Finance Performers Forge Ahead To Digitize Repetitive Processes And Improve Analytics

12-Dec-2017 | Nilly Essaides | finance technology

Top-performing finance organizations are not waiting around until they're completely ready for digitalization; they're pushing ahead with new solutions now.

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