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Smarter Edge Industrial Manufacturers Need To Serve The Segment Of One

18-Apr-2018 | David Parrish | ERP

Businesses must integrate and augment the right blend of cloud solutions and embedded IoT sensors to open revenue streams that offer faster, more-efficient, and high-quality services through predictive analytics and cognitive decision support.

supply chain, digital supply chain, ERP

Your Supply Chain Enterprise At 768 Miles Per Hour

16-Apr-2018 | David Sweetman | ERP

The digital supply chain enables you to reach Mach 1 speed to quickly deliver for your customers and thrive in today’s complex, constantly evolving digital landscape.

banking, fintech, finance, corporate banking, digital finance, ERP

Delivering A Better Client Experience: Next-Generation Corporate Banking 2.0

11-Apr-2018 | Carl Snyder | ERP

To help corporate clients excel (and chart their own survival), banks need to develop new products and services to meet the needs of a digitally engaged clientele. That may entail partnering with fintechs, typically viewed as competitors.

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