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Your GDPR "Duties Of Proof" And Liability

19-Mar-2018 | Neil Patrick | enterprise risk management

Creating the best policy in the world is admirable, but if it isn’t implemented throughout the organization and you don’t have a record of its being accepted by the recipients, you have not complied with GDPR. Here's what to keep in mind to protect your organization.

GDPR, compliance, risk, privacy

A Simple Four-Pillar Approach To Structuring GDPR Programs

12-Mar-2018 | Evelyne Salie | enterprise risk management

Check for gaps in your GDPR/data protection and privacy approach with this four-pillar approach.

enterprise risk management, GRC, governance, risk, compliance

New Guidance: Tie Risk Management To Strategy And Performance

2-Mar-2018 | James Chiu | enterprise risk management

The trends driving digital and enterprise risk management transformation are present and approaching. There is no better time to embrace the future to create higher levels of values for the business.

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