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Transforming Higher Education And Research With The Internet Of Things

13-Mar-2018 | Andy David | Education Innovation

The vast number of connected things and the associated explosion of data are changing how organizations, including higher education and research, are run. Take a look at five ways the IoT, AI, and machine learning are transforming education and research.

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Marketing Is Now A Major Focus Of University Plans

22-Feb-2018 | Malcolm Woodfield | Education Innovation

Higher-education institutions have doubled down on their marketing efforts to remain competitive. The most forward-thinking schools understand that effective marketing is a necessity and a key market differentiator.

The Coding For Kids Debate: Fundamental Or Fad?

26-Sep-2017 | Adam Winfield | Education Innovation

Uncertainty about the future makes the coding for kids debate a polorizing topic: Does our future depend on it, or is it a passing fad?

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