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Central District at twilight, Hong Kong

Live Product Innovation, Part 3: Process Industries, IoT, And A Recipe For Instant Change

17-Apr-2017 | John McNiff | DSC2017

A live and compliant product innovation platform achievable today. The question is whether you’ll get there before your competition does.


Live Product Innovation, Part 2: IoT, Big Data, and Smart Connected Products

21-Mar-2017 | John McNiff | DSC2017

Today's industries need timely insights and the ability to respond quickly. Here's how the digital product innovation platform is poised to change business.

in-memory computing, product innovation, manufacturing

Live Product Innovation, Part 1: The Role Of In-Memory Computing

1-Mar-2017 | John McNiff | DSC2017

In-memory computing enables orders-of-magnitude faster analysis of vast data volumes, enabling manufacturers to rapidly move from insight to action.

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