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A Three-Step Model To Digital Transformation: An IoT And Field Service Story

16-May-2018 | Lisa James | Digitalization

As demands for energy increase and natural resources deplete, digitization creates opportunities. Here's how one hydraulics company leveraged digital technology to boost efficiency and improve customer satisfaction.

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Data And The Reversal Of Digital Transformation Misfortune

14-May-2018 | Paul Kurchina | Digitalization

The staggering failure rate of digital transformation indicates that many are missing the bigger picture: Real transformation happens when processes and data are brought together to make better decisions and deliver a customer experience with the ever-elusive “wow” factor.

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Four Trends That Will Define The Chemical Industry's Future

9-May-2018 | Stefan Guertzgen | Digitalization

The convergence of globalization, digitalization, new business models, and the circular economy is creating a perfect storm for the chemical industry, challenging strategies that companies have relied upon for a generation.

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