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The Key To Customer Centricity: Creating A Touchless Supply Chain

3-May-2018 | Martin Barkman | Digital Supply Networks Premium

Innovative technologies such as the IoT and machine learning enable companies to optimize planning and logistics through automation in order to focus on their ultimate goal: satisfying customers.

Five Ways Machine Learning Drives Competitive Advantage Through Supply Chain Speed, Accuracy, And Agility

2-May-2018 | David Sweetman | Digital Supply Networks Premium

Here are five machine learning-enabled use cases that can help procurement and the supply chain organizations work in unison.

Motorcycle driver representing the speed and twists and turns of digital innovation

How Manufacturers Can Personalize At Scale

11-Apr-2018 | Anurag Gupta | Digital Supply Networks Premium

Has your company created a road map for personalization to drive sales and customer satisfaction while continuously improving efficiency? Here's how to start the discussion.

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