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IoT And The Evolution From Forecasting To Accurate Consumption Planning

14-Mar-2018 | E.J. Kenney | Digital Supply Networks Premium

For consumer products companies, real-time data gathering and analysis enables advanced supply chains to manage product replenishment based on actual consumption rather than using forecasts. Here's how it works.

Machine Learning: The Hot Technology Keeping Products Cool

8-Mar-2018 | Lori Mitchell-Keller | Digital Supply Networks Premium

Machine learning, AI, and automation allows retailers to accurately track inventory, monitor maintenance needs, and reduce losses due to spoilage or theft. Here’s why there’s never been a better time to adopt machine learning and achieve retail success.

Digital Economy, Industries, Innovation, Utilties, IoT, SAP Leonardo, Blockchain

Energy Savior Blockchain Set To Shake Up Utilities

8-Mar-2018 | James McClelland | Digital Supply Networks Premium

The combination of microgrid energy production and blockchain distribution can increase supplies and decrease consumer prices. But their partnership poses global disruption for longtime utility providers.

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