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The Role Of AI In Financial Trading – It’s Not What You Think

26-Jun-2017 | Susan Galer | digital strategy

"Applying AI in the middle and back office has benefits up and down the entire value chain," says financial services CEO.

5 pillars of digital transformation

Five Pillars Of Digital Transformation: Evolve The Organization

26-Jun-2017 | Ashutosh Kumar, Joao Ribeiro, Jose Carvalho, and Kay P. Hradilak | digital strategy

Corporate organizations will become more fluid, digitized, and data-driven, but they will remain institutions comprised of human beings creating value.

7 Ways Small Business Can Catch Up Using Marketing Automation

23-Jun-2017 | Michael Brenner | digital strategy

Here's how marketing automation can help level the playing fields and give small businesses a fighting chance against the industry titans.

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