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Four Ways To Improve Cash Application With Machine Learning

18-Apr-2018 | Gina McNamara | Digital Payments

Machine-learning programs can give your team access to insights by analyzing patterns and running predictive simulations so your team can work with confidence in their AI-driven insights. Here are four key ways you can use machine learning to improve your cash application process.

The Corporate Lottery Ticket Waiting To Be Cashed

18-Jan-2018 | Chris Rauen | Digital Payments

In today’s digital economy, you can increase your cash earnings and optimize working capital. Could this be your ticket to improved financial performance?

The Top Five Ways In Which Employees Are Decentralizing Spend

17-Jan-2018 | Tina Gunn | Digital Payments

Adopting technologies that will connect your travel, expense, purchasing cards, and invoicing will help you forecast and keep you from exceeding budgets.

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