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From Stone Axes To Space Shuttles: The Human Capacity To Innovate

20-Mar-2018 | Guenter Pecht-Seibert | digital leadership

As artificial intelligence begins to shape entirely new workplaces, organizations are keen to advance their levels of automation. But in so doing, they shouldn’t lose sight of what makes them truly innovative – the fact that we’re simply human.

Making A Business Case For Digital HR

14-Mar-2018 | Naomi Benjamin | digital leadership

Successful digital HR transformation business cases are business-led, focusing on the business value of the technology and clearly demonstrating a concrete list of the benefits a digital HR workplace can provide in line with the company’s overall strategic business objectives.

How Governments Unlock Innovation With Big Data

6-Mar-2018 | Brian Roach | digital leadership

As Big Data technology matures and government adoption increases, we can expect greater productivity and efficiency, better services, more cost savings, and significant public health improvements.

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