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Adaptable Culture Energizes Digital Transformation

5-Apr-2018 | Cristiano Barbieri | Digital Innovation

Here's how Brazilian insurer SulAmérica tapped the power of digital transformation to gain a new competitive advantage that has strengthened customer satisfaction, freed agents from shuffling paperwork, and lowered operational costs.

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The Changing Role Of Group CIOs In Large Conglomerates

26-Mar-2018 | Avenish Prasad | Digital Innovation

Digital transformation presents a unique opportunity for IT leaders to take the reins of innovation in their hands and shine. 

New Technologies And Opportunities For Professional Services CFOs

8-Mar-2018 | Marcus Fischer | Digital Innovation

To stay ahead of the competition and continue to move forward, the time to look at Big Data, predictive analytics, blockchain, and artificial intelligence for your financial processes is now.

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