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Digital Experience: The Key To User Delight

19-Apr-2018 | Jason Bloomberg | Digital Customer Experience

Companies’ digital teams should leverage devices, systems, and tools across both systems of record and systems of engagement to deliver the quality of experience that everyone expects.

Bank Customers Want What Technology Can Give Them

17-Apr-2018 | Karen McDermott | Digital Customer Experience

Banks will continue using new and innovative technology to stay relevant and meet the needs of their expanding Gen Z and millennial customer base. They need to use data to predict and anticipate customer needs to address dissatisfaction and attrition before it’s too late. 

Chinese woman text messaging on cell phone in grocery store

How Traditional Grocers Can Regain Their Foothold With Digital Consumers

12-Apr-2018 | Randy Evins | Digital Customer Experience

The grocery game is not won with over-stocked shelves and big freighter jets. Sure, they are helpful. However, the actual differentiator is how well the retailer engages with consumers in the store and online and understands their needs and wants.

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