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Make The Most Of The Fourth Industrial Revolution

18-Apr-2018 | Dane Poeske | Digital Core

New sources of data – and the ability to use this data’s power – could determine whether you stay competitive in the marketplace. A digital core helps create the real-time, matrixed knowledge that your company needs to succeed.

innovation, digital transformation, ERP

Innovation Is A Cross-Industry Phenomenon

27-Feb-2018 | John Ward | Digital Core

No industry is immune from the pressure to innovate, and some companies in some industries are further ahead than others.

Digital Economy, Aeropsace, Defense IoT, supply chain, SAP Leonardo, industries, innovation

Taking Flight With Aerospace: The Power Of Digital

20-Feb-2018 | Torsten Welte | Digital Core

Faced with growing market demand, aviation companies are under pressure to speed delivery of new aircraft while implementing digital technologies to improve productivity and reduce manufacturing delays. Here are five strategic priorities to position aerospace companies to succeed in the changing market.

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