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Four Steps To Becoming The Postmodern CIO Your Business Demands

16-Jan-2018 | Christine Ashton | digital business model innovation

These four steps can help you become the postmodern CIO your company needs to survive in a world of constant competition and rapid technological change.

finance, leadership, finance technology, digital transformation, Vivint

Top 4 CFO Lessons From Vivint Smart Home’s Digital Transformation

15-Jan-2018 | Patrick Kelliher | digital business model innovation

Being adaptable – in business models, technology, and approach to market demand – is key to building a digital transformation foundation for success.

conversational AI, artificial intelligence, AI

Innovate Your Business Model With Conversational AI: Part 1

3-Jan-2018 | Ivo van Barneveld | digital business model innovation

As the GUI reaches its limits, conversational AI (in the model of Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant) will be the next paradigm in human-computer interaction.

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