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As Machine Learning Remakes Industries, Leaders Must Transform Enterprise IT

21-May-2018 | Jim McHugh | Digital Agriculture

From cars that autonomously navigate dark and icy roads, to MRI scanners trained to spot brain abnormalities, to warehouses managed by sensors, drones, and robots, machine learning is already transforming industries in profound ways. What's lagging is the IT architecture to support all the data it generates.

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A Chip Off The Old Blockchain

7-Mar-2018 | James Veale | Digital Agriculture

The value of blockchain to the agriculture sector is its ability to make the supply chain entirely transparent and rich with immutable provenance data from farm to table.

agriculture, Africa, supply chain, technology

How Digitalization Connects Rural Farms In Africa

12-Dec-2017 | Tanja Reith | Digital Agriculture

IoT technology is connecting rural Africa farmers to a broader value chain, improving quality, efficiency, and profits.

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