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What Tech Can Empower Today's Agribusiness? A Connected Fleet

13-Nov-2017 | Cedrik Kern | digital agribusiness

Tech that tracks equipment location, performance, and maintenance needs can simplify the nightmare of managing high-value agriculture assets.

Digital Economy, Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Consumer Products, Agribusiness, SAP Leonardo

A New Agricultural Revolution, Courtesy Of The Internet Of Things And Machine Learning

10-Nov-2017 | Anja Strothkämper | digital agribusiness

With global populations rising, it falls to technology to make farming processes more efficient and keep up with the growing demand for food.

digital transformation, digital business, digital economy, agribusiness

Rural Sourcing Benefits From Digital Agribusiness Solutions To Meet Global Food Needs

20-Oct-2016 | Tanja Reith | digital agribusiness

Rural sourcing is an area that’s ripe for transformation through digital agriculture solutions.

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