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How Can Today’s Accounting Talent Ascend To Finance’s Top Table?

20-Nov-2017 | Kirit Patel | Deloitte

To ascend to the CFO role, today's accountants must look beyond tools to the experience and perspective necessary to really use financial tech.

Welcome To The Brave New World In Cross-Border Taxation And Operational Transfer Pricing

8-Nov-2017 | Jessica Schubert | Deloitte

Here's how process improvements can reduce operating costs and reporting risk, support global tax planning, and streamline operational transfer pricing.

Your Approach To Diversity And Inclusion Probably Isn’t Working

30-Oct-2017 | Olivia Berkman | Deloitte

Stacia Sherman Garr, VP, Bersin by Deloitte, discusses the mistakes organizations make attempting to address diversity and inclusion, and how they can improve.

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