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Top 3 Data Management Issues With ERP Projects And How To Address Them

10-Apr-2018 | Tim Hardy | Data Steward

To become a successful digital business, you need to choose a data management strategy that empowers you to connect all your company’s data assets and analyze them in context to get the full picture of your business. Here are 3 issues to keep in mind.

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Building The Big Data Warehouse, Part 5: The Overall Data Landscape

3-Apr-2018 | Barbara Lewis | Data Steward

In part five of this series, learn how data landscape management can help your organization access disparate data stores and better enable agile data operations.

Analytics For The CFO Part 2: The Finance Quant

13-Nov-2017 | Rob Jenkins | Data Steward

Finance is becoming the hub of quantitative analysis as data scientists join finance to help develop hypotheses and interpret data sets for new insights.

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