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Your GDPR "Duties Of Proof" And Liability

19-Mar-2018 | Neil Patrick | data privacy

Creating the best policy in the world is admirable, but if it isn’t implemented throughout the organization and you don’t have a record of its being accepted by the recipients, you have not complied with GDPR. Here's what to keep in mind to protect your organization.

GDPR, compliance, risk, privacy

A Simple Four-Pillar Approach To Structuring GDPR Programs

12-Mar-2018 | Evelyne Salie | data privacy

Check for gaps in your GDPR/data protection and privacy approach with this four-pillar approach.

GDPR, compliance, risk, privacy, regulations, EU

GDPR: Why Should Your Business Care?

22-Feb-2018 | Stefanie Haar | data privacy

General Data Protection Regulation promises greater data protection, privacy, and control for people in the EU, but it's not only European businesses that need to pay attention.

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