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Organizations’ Internal Control And Risk Environments Need To Be “Healthy”

6-Oct-2017 | Sarah J. Wirk | data privacy

GRV solutions should offer a single platform with a comprehensive view of the performance of your automated and manual controls so you can easily assess risks.

CIO, HR, IT investment, ROI, digital transformation

CIOs, Boost IT’s Strategic Value With A Cloud-Driven Partnership

3-Oct-2017 | Lauren Rowe | data privacy

Link IT's value to a workforce culture that runs faster and simpler, as well as being more informed, efficient, and collaborative.

procurement, security, cloud security, cybercrime defense

Secure Your Procurement Transformation

29-Sep-2017 | Lakshmi Hanspal | data privacy

Follow these best practices for a choosing a cloud provider that offers the high security environment to support business innovation, agility, and efficiency.

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