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GDPR: Don’t Forget The Human Touch

21-May-2018 | Neil Patrick | Data Privacy

We’ve all seen the considerable media coverage and the countless conferences dedicated to GDPR technical measures and requirements. Much less, however, has been written about the humans in the middle of it all.

The Sorry State Of GDPR Readiness – And How You Can Turn It Around

15-May-2018 | Paul Clark | Data Privacy

Will the GDPR be your 2018 privacy firestorm or game-changing strategy for data protection? Here are some of the fundamental questions and readiness efforts you should consider now to secure compliant security practices for every area of your business.

Curves Ahead: Auto Industry Faces Connected Car Challenges

10-May-2018 | Rich Lindow | Data Privacy

From Big Data and smart city platforms to vehicle subscriptions and autonomous last mile delivery, here are some of the connected car challenges faced by the auto industry.

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