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Building The Big Data Warehouse, Part 3: Overcoming Challenges

20-Mar-2018 | Barbara Lewis | data management

While some organizations will find that they can achieve an ideal on-premises data solution, there are strong reasons to consider a hybrid cloud or cloud-only environment in order to achieve Big Data goals.

Your GDPR "Duties Of Proof" And Liability

19-Mar-2018 | Neil Patrick | data management

Creating the best policy in the world is admirable, but if it isn’t implemented throughout the organization and you don’t have a record of its being accepted by the recipients, you have not complied with GDPR. Here's what to keep in mind to protect your organization.

big data warehouse, data management, digital transformation, analytics

Building The Big Data Warehouse: Part 2

13-Mar-2018 | Barbara Lewis | data management

In this second of a four-part series, learn the key elements of a Big Data warehouse and which issues enterprise technology leaders should keep in mind as they evaluate options.

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