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Building The Big Data Warehouse, Part 3: Overcoming Challenges

20-Mar-2018 | Barbara Lewis | data integration

While some organizations will find that they can achieve an ideal on-premises data solution, there are strong reasons to consider a hybrid cloud or cloud-only environment in order to achieve Big Data goals.

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Building The Big Data Warehouse: Part 2

13-Mar-2018 | Barbara Lewis | data integration

In this second of a four-part series, learn the key elements of a Big Data warehouse and which issues enterprise technology leaders should keep in mind as they evaluate options.

In Support Of Digital Transformation: Transforming Data Management Architecture And Solutions

8-Mar-2018 | Dan Vesset | data integration

As DX takes hold, organizations are facing more complex ecosystems and business environments within an expansion of data characteristics, behaviors, domains, social contexts, and environments. A comprehensive intelligence vision is needed to start addressing this data complexity.

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