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Turning Data Into Insights: How Digitization Creates New Opportunities For The Telecommunications Industry

23-Apr-2018 | Julie Stoughton | Data-Driven Insights

IoT, predictive analytics, and machine learning are creating new business opportunities for the telecommunication industry. To succeed, telcos must choose a business model that will address data privacy concerns while delivering actionable insights that benefit both consumers and companies.

Analytics And Big Data: Driving Agility In The Chemical Industry

19-Apr-2018 | Michael Laprocido | Data-Driven Insights

Here's how many companies in the chemical industry are currently using Big Data and analytics to support a bold new level of strategic agility.

smart city, Cambridge, government, digital transformation, digital government

City Of Cambridge Proves ‘Smart City’ Doesn’t Always Mean Glitz And Glamour

19-Apr-2018 | Katie Fischer | Data-Driven Insights

Ontario government's smart city initiative is less about glitzy technology and more about making more informed decisions, listening to community feedback, and delivering more effectively now and in the future.

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