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Is High-Tech Driving Digital Disruption, Or Being Driven By It?

15-Sep-2017 | Thomas Pohl | data-driven insights

Digital technologies are blurring the lines between industries and spawning hungry startups that are waiting to take a slice of established companies’ action.

AI, artificial intelligence, government

Am I Alone In Thinking AI-Run Governments Could Be A Good Thing?

13-Sep-2017 | Glenn Sawyer | data-driven insights

Artificial intelligence opens a new world of possibilities in efficient, logical, and honest governance.

IoT platform, IoT technology, automotive

Improve User Experience With Internet Of Things, Blockchain, And Platforms

12-Sep-2017 | Akash Kumar | data-driven insights

Cutting-edge technology is automating the customer service experience, leading to faster resolutions and happier users.

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