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Unified Commerce Ends The Online Versus Brick-And-Mortar War

12-Mar-2018 | Angelica Valentine | CX

The words have changed, but the foundational idea has not. Whether you choose to call it omnichannel retail or unified commerce, shoppers demand a simple way to buy what they want in a seamless way.

customer experience, retail, omnichannel

What’s Love Got To Do With It? Why Consumers Love Or Leave Brands

14-Feb-2018 | Erica Vialardi | CX

A stunning US$62 billion in retail revenue is lost due to poor customer service, but 80% of brands think they're doing a great job.

customer experience, banking, personalized banking

How Banking Software Helps To Personalize Customer Experience

9-Jan-2018 | Melissa Burns | CX

Digitization offers great opportunities for banks to personalize services for thousands of customers and offer them the most relevant financial products.

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