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public transportation, IoT, analytics, big data, brussels, belgium, smart cities

How Business-Driven Analytics Make Public Transportation Smarter In Brussels

15-Jan-2018 | John Ward | Customer Newsroom

Using IoT, Big Data, and advanced analytics to improve the movement of citizens across urban areas has become a hallmark of the world’s smartest cities.

healthcare, machine learning, AI, medical, science

Machine Learning And Medicine: Made For Each Other

11-Jan-2018 | John Ward | Customer Newsroom

AI and machine learning are transforming the healthcare industry, to the benefit of the industry and patients.

Internet of Things, IoT, Sensors, 2018 trends

Will IoT Trump Blockchain And AI As The Megatrend Of 2018?

3-Jan-2018 | John Ward | Customer Newsroom

What will be the technology megatrend of 2018? Look no further than IoT. For many businesses, IoT is already more than just a trend – it's a necessity.

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