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Startups Face The Question: Is An ICO The Way to Go?

10-May-2018 | Andre Smith | Cryptocurrency

There are pros and cons to financing a growing business through an initial coin offering rather than traditional venture funding.

blockchain, fraud prevention, bitcoin, crypto currency, banking, gaming

Bitcoin’s Greatest Gift Is Blockchain: How Digital Ledgers Are Changing The World

24-Apr-2018 | Daniel Smyth | Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin's most valuable contribution to the world is not as a cryptocurrency, rather in showing how effective blockchains can be for many industries.

blockchain, cloud, innovation, security, trust

Blockchain In The Cloud: A New Era Of Powerhouse Innovation

27-Mar-2018 | Raj Manghnani | Cryptocurrency

Combining blockchain and the cloud enables a simple, cost-effective, borderless network of trust, efficiency, and security.

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