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Technology In The Public Sector: Possibilities And Challenges

16-May-2018 | Regina Kunkle | Constituent Services

Here are some examples of how governments can tap the power of emerging technology to better engage with citizens and boost operational efficiency. But challenges remain.

Accelerated Digital Journeys Improve The Lives Of Citizens

28-Feb-2018 | Phil King | Constituent Services

Technology – from AI to machine learning – will continue to help transform citizens' lives, but it’s up to public sector organizations to really help improve people’s lives and build a better future for everyone.

Harnessing Digitization To Power Up Governance In ASEAN

31-Oct-2017 | Claus Andresen | Constituent Services

Connectivity and the skills gap remain issues for ASEAN countries, but Big Data, analytics, and AI will become game-changers for ASEAN economies.

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