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Disrupting The Insurance Industry: How Digitalization Enables A Customer-Focused Business Model

16-Apr-2018 | Joe Pacor | Compliance

Today’s insurance customer has dozens of choices in providers. To compete, insurers must create a customer-driven model that meets their needs while also addressing loss prevention and protection services.

Motorcycle driver representing the speed and twists and turns of digital innovation

How Manufacturers Can Personalize At Scale

11-Apr-2018 | Anurag Gupta | Compliance

Has your company created a road map for personalization to drive sales and customer satisfaction while continuously improving efficiency? Here's how to start the discussion.

Compliance And Fraud: What You Can't See Can Cost You

9-Apr-2018 | Tina Gunn | Compliance

Monetary loss is not the only risk that fraud and noncompliance can bring to your organization. Reputational risks and legal ramifications can be worse than losing money. Here's what you need to know.

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