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Central District at twilight, Hong Kong

Live Product Innovation, Part 3: Process Industries, IoT, And A Recipe For Instant Change

17-Apr-2017 | John McNiff | compliance

A live and compliant product innovation platform achievable today. The question is whether you’ll get there before your competition does.

Three Lines Of Defense And Integrated Reporting—Getting Internal Auditors Out Of Control And Into The Business

16-Feb-2017 | Bruce McCuaig | compliance

Auditors are now able to lead in the creation and reporting of real knowledge. It’s time for internal auditors to get out of control and into the business.

Forecasting The Future For Financial Services Firms

31-Jan-2017 | Mike Russo | compliance

A sustainable, strategic forecasting approach is not just about meeting regulatory requirements; it’s also integral to a bank’s ability to be competitive.

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