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What CFOs Need To Know As The Workforce Adjusts To The Digital Age: Part 3

13-Mar-2018 | Christopher Mazzei | change management

Technology should be used to re-humanize work rather than dehumanize it. Business leaders will need to experiment around the interface between a machine and a human.

What CFOs Need To Know As The Workforce Adjusts To The Digital Age: Part 1

27-Feb-2018 | Christopher Mazzei | change management

The digital age frees workers from repetitive tasks and enables them to focus on creativity, decision-making, and other human attributes. Here's what to expect.

How Newton Can Help Manage And Change Strategy In FP&A

20-Feb-2018 | Brian Kalish | change management

Keep Newton in mind when you manage change in FP&A, because some force will cause a change to be required, and there will be reactions to the change.

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