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Four Ways To Improve Cash Application With Machine Learning

18-Apr-2018 | Gina McNamara | Cash Flow Management

Machine-learning programs can give your team access to insights by analyzing patterns and running predictive simulations so your team can work with confidence in their AI-driven insights. Here are four key ways you can use machine learning to improve your cash application process.

Keep Your Small Business Competitive With The Right Financial Solutions

5-Apr-2018 | Cara McDonald | Cash Flow Management

Which cloud-based expense management solution should your small business implement? Start by answering these questions to figure out where you can benefit the most from automated, cloud-based software.

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How To Make The Most Of IFRS 17

2-Apr-2018 | Mathew Bailey | Cash Flow Management

Experts at the recent Finance, Risk, and Insurance Summit describe how savvy finance organizations can take advantage of IFRS-created opportunities to improve their processes and transform their finances.

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