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How Artificial Intelligence Can Increase Your Business Productivity

19-Mar-2018 | Sayan Bose | business process innovation

AI can reverse the cycle of low profitability through intelligent automation and innovation diffusion. To capitalize on these benefits, manufacturing companies need a partner that can simplify and streamline the AI and IoT integration process.

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Artificial Intelligence: What’s Now And Next In IoT-Driven Supply Chain Innovation

19-Mar-2018 | Marcell Vollmer | business process innovation

Learn four ways IoT paired with artificial intelligence enables supply chains operations to run fast, nimble, and intelligent enough to stay competitive in today’s high-speed global marketplace.

From Consumer Products To Consumer Outcomes

16-Mar-2018 | E.J. Kenney | business process innovation

Digital business is a new frontier of growth and development. Leading companies leverage new opportunities by delivering outcomes in moments of need.

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