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online shopping with digital tablet and credit card --- Image by © 2/Aping Vision / STS/Ocean/Corbis

Reimagining Retail With No Inventory

23-Mar-2016 | Achim Schneider | business networks

Digital transformation allows retailers to reimagine their business model, reducing or eliminating inventory and offering a more unified customer experience.

Workers meeting among boxes on conveyor belts in distribution warehouse --- Image by © David Leahy/Juice Images/Corbis

Top 3 Drivers Of Supply Chain Transformation

20-Jan-2016 | Richard Howells | business networks

In order to transform existing supply chains into extended supply chains, organizations must prioritize these three drivers of change.

Using Automated Transaction Machine --- Image by © Kathy Collins/Corbis

Managing Risk In The Digital Era With Payment Networks

6-Jan-2016 | Drew Hofler | business networks

Digital payment networks, which can help mitigate risk in B2B transactions, are now taking a page from the consumer playbook.

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