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Top Tech Partnerships Transforming The IT Industry

19-May-2016 | Kevin Ichhpurani | business networks

The technology industry is always in flux, but some recent partnership announcements could disrupt the status quo even further and have a lasting impact.

Businessman working on laptop --- Image by © Laura Doss/Corbis

Is It Just My CFO’s Imagination, Or Can Invoices Process Themselves?

13-May-2016 | Chris Rauen | business networks

Your CFO isn't dreaming: with the right tools, invoices really can pay themselves.

online shopping with digital tablet and credit card --- Image by © 2/Aping Vision / STS/Ocean/Corbis

Reimagining Retail With No Inventory

23-Mar-2016 | Achim Schneider | business networks

Digital transformation allows retailers to reimagine their business model, reducing or eliminating inventory and offering a more unified customer experience.

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