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Making The Strongest Case Possible For Platform Migration

25-Apr-2018 | Joseph Msays | Business Model Innovation

Before you can undertake a platform migration, you need to build a business case. Learn how to build a business case that communicates how your platform migration will help you enable digital transformation, prepare for future business models, and make the most of new technologies.

Innovation In The Chemical Industry: Real-World Examples

25-Apr-2018 | Stefan Guertzgen | Business Model Innovation

Digital transformation is profoundly impacting businesses and economic advancement from chemical product manufacturers to end customers. Here are some real-world examples.

Channeling Nostradamus: Transform Your Supply Chain Enterprise Into A Predictive Business

25-Apr-2018 | Patrick Crampton-Thomas | Business Model Innovation

Capturing IoT sensor data through your digital twin network will enable your enterprise, suppliers, manufacturers, logistics companies, service providers, and customers to collaborate throughout the entire product or asset lifecycle, from design and production through operation.

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