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How Asian Startups Drive Digital Disruption

24-May-2018 | Dilipkumar Khandelwal | Business Innovation

Companies are building multi-cloud environments as part of their digitization, IoT or industry 4.0 while optimizing their local infrastructure costs. What is the role of Asia’s startups to drive digital transformation.

Channeling Nostradamus: Transform Your Supply Chain Enterprise Into A Predictive Business

25-Apr-2018 | Patrick Crampton-Thomas | Business Innovation

Capturing IoT sensor data through your digital twin network will enable your enterprise, suppliers, manufacturers, logistics companies, service providers, and customers to collaborate throughout the entire product or asset lifecycle, from design and production through operation.

IT, CIO, innovation, digital transformation, mobile application, customer satisfaction, customer experience

Inspired Innovation: Three Real-World Examples For CIOs

14-Feb-2018 | Orlando Cintra | Business Innovation

The heart of digital transformation is creating elegant experiences that keep your customers speaking positively about your products and services and coming back for more.

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