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Agility: The New Competitive Imperative For CFOs

14-May-2018 | Tony Klimas | Business Agility

Agility enables large companies to thrive on uncertainty; they can move more quickly than they have in the past, while maintaining and building on their current strengths.

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Five Ways To Improve Your Enterprise Asset Management

19-Feb-2018 | Bruce Mckinnon | Business Agility

The Internet of Things, combined with Big Data, analytics, and artificial intelligence, is disrupting business. To survive, your organization needs to modernize its methods of managing assets over their lifecycles.

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Top 4 CFO Lessons From Vivint Smart Home’s Digital Transformation

15-Jan-2018 | Patrick Kelliher | Business Agility

Being adaptable – in business models, technology, and approach to market demand – is key to building a digital transformation foundation for success.

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