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Will IoT Trump Blockchain And AI As The Megatrend Of 2018?

3-Jan-2018 | John Ward | Blockchain Premium

What will be the technology megatrend of 2018? Look no further than IoT. For many businesses, IoT is already more than just a trend – it's a necessity.

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Blockchain: Biggest Trade Finance Innovation Since Cuneiform Tablets?

28-Dec-2017 | Tom Groenfeldt | Blockchain Premium

PwC expects a lot from blockchain in finance, but industrial companies are ahead of finance in using blockchain for supply chain and other operations.

Technologies That Will Propel India In 2018

26-Dec-2017 | Reema Jose | Blockchain Premium

Convenience, affordability, and inclusivity will be key innovation drivers in India in 2018. 10 industry leaders offer insight on which technologies will lead.

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