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Media Firms And The Direct-To-Consumer Business Model: Why Your IT Architecture May Need A Rethink

29-Jan-2018 | Michael Brenner | bimodal IT

Yesterday's IT architecture isn't robust enough to deliver the personalized experience today's consumers expect. Bimodal IT – deploying a modern, digital IT structure atop the existing architecture – balances IT needs with budgetary realities.

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The Silver Lining Of The Rising Multi-Cloud Environment

22-Dec-2017 | Savita Raina | bimodal IT

By transforming thinking around a multi-cloud environment from a liability into a pivotal strategy, companies can uncover competitive advantages.

Balancing The CFO’s Twin Objectives: Growth Versus Optimization

20-Dec-2017 | Eman Goubran | bimodal IT

The need to balance growth and optimization is becoming increasingly amplified as organizations move to digitize. Here are three factors to keep in mind.

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