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Brainstorming The Best Use Cases For Bimodal IT

4-Apr-2018 | Greg McStravick | Bimodal IT

By using bimodal IT to support deliberate, future-focused self-disruption, CIOs can pave the way for innovation and business-enhancing change.

bimodal IT, innovation, CIO

Building For A Digital Future With Bimodal IT

28-Mar-2018 | Greg McStravick | Bimodal IT

The highway of business is littered with the carcasses of companies that failed to see change coming. Bimodal IT enables enterprises to tap into the resources that will help differentiate and innovate for long-term success.

CIO, technology trends, IT, leadership, digital transformation, digital economy

The Changing Role Of Group CIOs In Large Conglomerates

26-Mar-2018 | Avenish Prasad | Bimodal IT

Digital transformation presents a unique opportunity for IT leaders to take the reins of innovation in their hands and shine. 

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